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By | May 13, 2022

Assam Assembly Election 2022-The much-awaited assembly election in Assam has already started in March and it will end in April.

Assam Assembly Election 2022-The much-awaited assembly election in Assam has already started on March 27 and it will end on April 6. The whole election will be in three different phases for around 126 assembly seats. Here the alliance is made between AG, UPPCL, and BJP.

In 2016 BJP won around 66 out of 84 seats. This time the number will go higher according to all the exit polls. Congress has also allied with AGM, AIUDF, and some other left parties. They were in power for three terms before and currently, they are trying to win again in this area to keep their tradition intact.

Different Phases of assembly election at Assam

Three different phases will be there for the Assam assembly election which are on March 27, April 1, and April 6. A total of 126 seats are there in Assam and previously it was held in 2006. At that time BJP won the election and ruled the state for 5 years straight.

But this time Congress is trying to get their place back and that is why they made a big alliance with five different parties to throw the BJP out of their seats in Assam. The parties which have an alliance with Congress are 3 left parties, AGM and AIUDF. It is also called a grand alliance.

Assam Assembly Election 2021 Exit Poll

Currently, 946 candidates will contest the election for Assam legislative assembly. The preparation for the election is going on and all the agents and officers are alert about the smooth running of the election. Because the current situation is a bit tricky because of covid-19 and also the high level of competition between the BJP and Congress. So all the voting agents should be extra careful during the pole as well as the counting day.

Some Details of the Assam Voting System 2022-Exit Poll

In the 3 phase Assam assembly polls the voting time will be from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. but due to the coronavirus effect, the voting hour can be extended to an hour. Moreover, the counting of the poll will start on May 2 and it may take up to May 4 to do it completely.

So 3 days will be enough for the complete counting of the poll in the Assam assembly election 2022. Then everyone will get to know who is going to win the election. Till then the suspense is increasing and it will take a month or so to get the result.


Every 5 years, people are quite excited about the assembly election, and every time the whole atmosphere gets quite hot related to the election. This is the same this time as well in Assam. Both the parties are ready with all their strategies and campaigns to make people understand their capability to win their hearts.

Different opinions are there according to the exit poll but in most cases, it is seen that BJP is going to be in power with a very close victory. So you can say that Congress will also have a great impact on the assembly Poll this year. In the different phases of the Assam assembly election 2022, the first phase will conduct the poll in 47 seats, the second phase will have 39 seats and the third phase will have the fall in 40 seats.

 13 parties are there in Assam and they have made some important alliances to win this year. Because it is not possible to make an impact alone in a state like Assam. So both Congress and BJP went for some effective alliance so that they can properly be in the game. They have made their strategies and campaign according to that only.

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